Review: The Peanut Fart


Shelton the snail usually eats green vegetables, but one day he eats a peanut and lets out a peanut-shaped fart. All of the snails laugh at Shelton as the fart follows him around, so he captures the fart in a bottle and pushes it down the river — only to begin worrying about its well-being and going on his own adventure to track it down.


The Peanut Fart by Xiaoming Wang is a rare picture book that is both laugh-out-loud funny and thoughtful (and surprisingly emotional for a book about farts!) It is a great title for English readers, Mandarin learners, or fluent Mandarin readers, as it has both Simplified Chinese characters and pinyin (text that helps translate Chinese sounds into a Latin alphabet) side-by-side throughout the story and an English translation in the back pages with miniature illustrations. The coloured pencil illustrations are cute, expressive, and can be seen from a distance for larger groups — but there is enough happening in each image that readers will want a closer look. This book is an overwhelming joy from start to finish and a great addition to any collection of picture books in translation.

About the Author-Illustrator

Xiaoming Wang is the creator of numerous award-winning picture books.

About the Translator 

Adam Lanphier grew up in Washington, D.C., lived in Beijing from 2005 until 2008, and currently lives in New York City. 

Book Details

Title: The Peanut Fart 

Author-Illustrator: Xiaoming Wang

Translator: Adam Lanphier

Publisher: Paper Republic LLC, by arrangement with Jieli Publishing House Co. Ltd.

Year Published: 2016 (English translation), originally published 2013

ISBN: 9781945295034

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