Review: My Cat Looks Like My Dad


The narrator compares all of the ways their large fluffy yellow cat is similar to their light-skinned blonde dad (i.e. “They both love milk. And sardines. Ewww…”) and closes the story by showing how they themselves are similar to their mom. If readers are paying close attention to the illustrations, they might catch on to the twist that the narrator isn’t who we expect them to be!


Thao Lam inserts so much humour in her papercraft-style illustrations — this simple but charming story showcasing the similarities between the narrator’s dad and their family’s large fluffy yellow cat is sure to leave readers with a smile. My Cat Looks Like My Dad offers opportunities for tie-ins with themes around family or pets and provides an excellent starting place for young readers to begin thinking about point of view in stories. A quietly funny book with a heartfelt message about families coming in all shapes and sizes that would work well in smaller group settings where children can more closely explore the illustrations, but could also be infused with extra energy for larger groups by having children repeating actions described in the book (i.e. stretches, belly rubs, etc.). 

About the Author-Illustrator

Thao Lam is Vietnamese-Canadian and lives in Toronto, ON.

Book Details

Title: My Cat Looks Like My Dad

Author-Illustrator: Thao Lam

Publisher: Owlkids Books

Year Published: 2019

ISBN: 9781771473514